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Before and-after tropical forest restoration across different landscapes


Before and-after tropical forest restoration across different landscapes

Thu, July 14, 10:30 - 12:30 hrs, Room: Barahona 1


Cristina Barber Alvarez-Buylla, Sandra Velazco Salvatierra

This symposium will follow up with pre-and-post forest recovery, implications of novel restoration methods, and their outcomes to guide future research and provide insight into biodiversity conservation resilience.

Anthropogenic activities, such as deforestation and climate change, have depleted biodiversity and ecosystem services and altered ecological functions (e.g., seed dispersal) across the tropics. Landscape-scale restoration could help to promote ecosystem function in degraded areas and ensure socio-ecological resilience. There is no single formula or a single outcome for every landscape restoration. In this symposium, we will bring speakers with a wide range of expertise to explore the latest trends on forest restoration and give a holistic point of view of restoration by exploring restoration before and after the restoration has happened. Exploring forests before and- after restoration will provide valuable insights for future research topics. This will include identifying the main gaps in our current understanding, synthesizing results across a range of methods, and ensuring that research has relevance for conservation and socio-ecological resilience. Topics that will be addressed are seed dispersal in a matrix of heterogeneous restoring landscapes, forest species that grow in degraded lands, natural regeneration predictions for its operationalization in landscape restoration, forest resilience to fire after nucleated restoration, and what happens to arthropods after forest restoration.

Restoring seed dispersal processes in a tropical agricultural landscape
Marinés de la Peña-Domene*, Cristina Martínez-Garza, Luis Beltrán and Henry Howe

Upscaling seedling abundance predictions to landscape restoration projects size
Cristina Barber*, Sarah Graves, Jefferson Hall, Pieter Zuidema, Jodi Brandt, Stephanie Bohlman, Gregory Asner, Mario Bailón and T. Trevor Caughlin

Forest recovery in a montane landscape, future insights to restore degraded lands
Sandra Velazco Salvatierra*, Owen McBride, Wilfredo Mendoza Caballero, Donna Delparte and T. Trevor Caughlin

Designing forest restoration strategies to mitigate wildfire damage in eastern Madagascar
John Reid*, D.Matthew Hill, Eva Colberg, Lee Frelich and Rebecca Montgomery

Secondary forest trees are better than pioneer treelets at restoring montane forest through nucleation in old fields
Juan Garibello*, Iván Rodríguez and Ignacio Barrera

Impacts of forest restoration on dead wood decomposition and associated arthropod communities
Estefania Fernandez Barrancos*, Robert Marquis, John Reid, Karen Holl and Rakan Zahawi


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