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Photo Slam – come to learn how to improve your photography

Share your photos (if desired anonymously) and listen to professional feedback to help you improve your skills as a photographer and science communicator.

Photography is an important part of our work as scientists. We use it for documentation in research and field work, we show photos for teaching purposes and to enhance our presentations at conferences. We like to share interesting images of our work with our research groups and partners in other countries. We also take photos when we travel to different countries, and maybe do some artwork that we print and display on walls. However, it is difficult to receive feedback on photos and to learn and grow as photographers. It helps to get the view of an experienced photographer who can read an image and is able to give positive feedback. This session is aimed at presenting photos of members who want to show their shots and receive feedback. In a friendly open photo slam we show the photos in a room during lunch break and talk about what we see, what is good and what perhaps can be improved in the displayed image. The aim is to be respectful and to learn all together from the (anonymous) photos we see (the names need not to be displayed). The idea is to help improve your photography, so that you are aware of some simple things like composition, lighting, how to make strong photographs and how to improve your skills as a science communicator. I have begun a second career as a photographer, besides being a scientist. Since 5 years now I run a small photography business, I have won prizes, sell photos and give workshops. I was recruited as a member by the German Society for Photography DGPh and am part of the German Federation of Journalists, with the aim to support scientific findings and conservation statements photographically. Come and share your photos and learn together to make better photos in the future.


Photo Slam – come to learn how to improve your photography

Monday July 11th-Lunchbreak

Pia Parolin




Maximum number of participants



Cartagena Convention Center, Room Secretaría

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