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"The jungle we belong"

The ATBC2023 logo represents the cultural and biological diversity that is endemic to India, while also highlighting its shared biota with its supercontinent neighbours - tropical Asia and Africa. The design is in the form of lines which is characteristic of the henna art, which is unique to India and the colors yellow and red are inspired from saffron or turmeric, two spices that are key in the Indian cuisine. The logo centers around a gopuram or gopura which is a monumental tower, usually ornate, at the entrance of any temple, especially in Southern India. The city of Coimbatore provides a good example of this Dravidian style of temple architecture. Around the gopuram are depicted key elements from the flora, fauna, and culture of India such as (from L to R) turmeric flower, mango, banana leaves with herbivory, Bengal tiger, the Indian spectacled Cobra, fish, cloves, Asian elephant, star anise, henna art, and peacock. India has always been known to have societies that have been one with its ecosystem where every organism and natural element is part of its polytheistic past and present. This ancient knowledge is honored by the Warli art figurine. The font of the logo mimics the 'devanagari' script which is an indo-arabic script and the numerals are in the devanagari style as well.


Artist: Ms. Goutami Priyadarshini Nayak

ATBC2023 Logo

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