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Coimbatore, India

Coimbatore city is the second largest city in the State of Tamil Nadu, India. Its contribution to the state’s business turnover too is second only to Chennai. The region is counted among the top 20 fastest growing centers of economic activity in the country. It is also part of the 20+ cities in the country’s Smart City plan.

The city is considered the leader in multiple industrial sectors including Textiles, Textile Machinery, Castings, especially for the automotive sector, Motors and Pump sets and Poultry. It has carved a name for itself in the hi-tech precision engineering domain as well as light engineering.

It also has a sizeable contribution to industries like Paper, Jewellery, Auto components, Aerospace, Medical Transcription, Healthcare and Instrumentation.

The Coimbatore region is also a large Agricultural trading centre. 36% of the land is used for agricultural and horticultural purposes. It boasts of the highest production of Coconut and Coir products.

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