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Plenary Sessions

Natural and Cultural History of the Colombian Caribbean Region

Opening keynote

Santiago Madriñán

Sunday July 10; after the opening ceremony

The ecology, evolution and conservation potential of anti-herbivore defenses in rainforest trees


Phyllis Coley

Monday July 11; 8:00 hrs

Climate and Environmental Crisis: How to Get Out of the Crossroad?


Germán Poveda

Tuesday July 12; 8:00 hrs

Janzen-Connell beyond 50: Tropical plant-enemy interactions in a changing world


Liza Comita

Wednesday July 13; 8:00 hrs

ATBC Townhall

Plenary Session

Wednesday July 13; 18:30 hrs

Is there really such a thing as TROPICAL Biology?


Emilio Bruna

Thursday July 14; 8:00 hrs

Tropical Biology in the age of parachutes & helicopters: 30 years of observations from Rwanda and the Albertine Rift


Beth Kaplin

Thursday July 14; 16:30 hrs

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