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Conservation Bioacoustics

Vijay Ramesh, VV Robin

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5th July 2023. 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM (Room 2)


Conservation bioacoustics and its applications across tropical ecosystems

The rapid evolution of technology for biodiversity conservation has provided scientists with a plethora of tools to monitor species and populations. One such tool, bioacoustics, is a low-cost solution to monitor multiple taxa (such as insects and birds) simultaneously and for long periods. With advances in artificial intelligence, scientists can also use this acoustic data and build robust automated recognition systems that track biodiversity in real-time and assist policymakers in prescribing biodiversity-friendly land-management practices faster and more accurately.
In this symposium, we aim to bring together scientists and conservation practitioners who use bioacoustics to answer a range of questions. The goals of this symposium are to:
a) Engage and network with a diverse audience that use bioacoustic tools and techniques
b) Initiate/build a community of bioacousticians within India and interact with scientists who work across tropical ecosystems

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